Save your money

Cost efficiency is our focus. We are using new components and lean manufacturing practices. You can download tractor GPS navigation app and buy FieldBee products online without intermediaries and use your smartphone instead of expensive terminals

Get high accuracy

With the FieldBee RTK base station you can achieve 0 - 4 cm accuracy. No need to pay extra charges for an RTK correction signal. Share your signal with your neighbours and a create free RTK network

Keep it simple

Just put FieldBee on your tractor’s roof and connect it to our tractor navigation app. It works on batteries and does not require installation. We can remotely service your antenna and help you with initial setup

What is FieldBee

FieldBee is a tractor GPS navigation app with record keeping and other awesome functionalities and additional equipment to maximize efficiency

Try FieldBee tractor GPS navigation

The FieldBee app combines tractor GPS navigation with record keeping and many other features. We regularly update our app and develop new functionalities based on customers’ demands.

Navigate your fields

Drive in parallel lines in 5 patterns with no overlaps, no missed spots, no stress. With the “Saved track” pattern you can always return to the same line in the field.

Perform your field work with high precision even at night and in low visibility. Avoid obstacles and make notes with geo location.

Maximize your efficiency with additional equipment: FieldBee GNSS receiver, RTK base station and Auto Steer

Record keeping

Draw & measure your fields in 3 ways. Gain exact information about your fields for precise calculations.

Save your work and add information about the materials you used, the area you covered, the type of operation, the distance and the time spent in the field.

The system will automatically generate reports. All your information will be stored in the secured cloud and be available at any time from any device

Don't take our word for it

Read what our customers have to say (1000+ reviews)

“Great app – have it for more than a year and it is great”

Wessel van der Westhuizen

“Getting started and loving it so far. Support was fantastic and fast”.

Jason Wachter

“Promising GPS RTK technology based on the Lora network which makes the system very affordable for farmers.”

Thieu Berkers

“Love it, it makes my day on the farm so much easier. i don’t have to go looking for information in different places. It is all in 1 app. Thank you!”

Riaan Weyers

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Additional equipment to improve accuracy and reduce stress

Maximize your efficiency with the FieldBee GNSS receiver, RTK base station and Auto steer, just connect it to your FieldBee tractor GPS navigation app

FieldBee GNSS receiver

The first step towards higher precision

€ 648

The FieldBee GNSS receiver is a smart sensor that improves GPS accuracy of navigation app and can receive RTK signal.

As a stand-alone device, it provides sub-meter accuracy and does not require installation.

FieldBee RTK base station

Get the maximum accuracy for your tasks

€ 1198

FieldBee RTK base station is a second sensor that serves as a reference point and provides RTK correction to your FieldBee.

No need to pay extra charges for RTK correction signal. 

FieldBee Auto Steer*

Save € 40 / ha with FieldBee Auto Steer

The FieldBee Auto Steer is an automatic steering system that keeps your vehicle on the line so you can focus on other tasks.

FieldBee Auto Steer is equipped with built-in terrain compensation and together with the RTK system will provide you with 0 – 4 cm accuracy.

*We offer installation service in countries where we have partners. Currently: Austria, the Netherlands and Ukraine.
In other countries you can install the system by yourself. Any mechanic that has experience of installation auto steering systems by Claas, Mueller-Electronics, Ag Leader, TeeJet should be able to do so.

Increase profit and yield

With precision farming you can reduce up to 70% of your costs by eliminating waste

Have more free time

Spend less time on paperwork and perform field work faster without mistakes

Expand family business

Technologies can help you to improve your business and pass it on to the next generation

“FieldBee helped me doing fieldwork more accuratly even after driving a few hours. I was able to concentrate more on operating the implement and improve the result of my fieldwork. I think I saved about €20-40 per ha. That is a lot these days.”

Dominik Diesmayr, Austria

“It is a very good solution at an affordable price. You can use it on every piece of equipment in combination with your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to move it from one machine to another because you don’t have to remove a lot of cables.”

Lieven Dewaele, Belgium

FieldBee works already in 47 countries

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Standard delivery terms are 10 working days within EU

Yes! We ship all over the world. However, shipping costs are not included in the price. You can find out the shipping costs by writing us an email We offer free shipping to all EU countries.

FieldBee installation doesn’t require any special skills. The only thing that you need to do is to book a time with our Support (, connect your FieldBee to the internet and we will do the initial set up for you. To install FieldBee sensor just put it on the tractor using the metal plate. To install the RTK Bee Station will take a bit more time. You will need to find a good place for it and provide good internet. Read the manual here

Our system only work on Android devices with OS version 5.0 or higher. We don’t have an IOS version yet. You can find a list of recommended devices here

You can start using the system having only a smartphone and the FieldBee. However, for more comfortable use, you may need: a metal plate to mount FieldBee on the tractor and house roof, tablet holder for the tractor cabin, tablet waterproof case and a tripod for the in-field mounting of the RTK Bee Station