FieldBee L1 RTK Base station


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RTK signal that you own
Works with Autosteer
Reach maximum accuracy
Use with multiple receivers

Achieve 1 cm precision

FieldBee RTK L1 Base Station is an ideal solution for farmers that have flat fields without high trees and power lines.

It is a smart sensor that transmits RTK correction with the radius of 2 km via radio and 10 km via the internet, providing +/- 2 cm accuracy in the field.

How to use? Place the RTK base station on your house’s roof/tripod, connect the L1 receiver to your app via Bluetooth and control your work via smartphone/tablet.


  • Use during all field operations including planting
  • With all crops and vegetables
  • Drones, soil sampling and even robots
  • Maximise your benefits from precision farming

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Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions40 × 25 × 15 cm


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